Nicole Pietrantoni / Implications and Precipitous

Our materials are part of the content of our work. For this reason, I spend a lot of energy finding the right paper for my books and installations. I want a paper that not only serves my technical needs but creates a delightful tactile experience for my viewer.

Awagami's selection of washi surpassed any other papers I tested - I needed a thin but strong paper that could be suspended as an installation in the gallery, but also felt beautiful and soft when a viewer held it their hands in the book form. The inkjet on Inbe was capable of withstanding the demands of folding, gluing, and bookbinding while maintaining its incredibly crisp and bright image quality.

My most recent work, Implications and Precipitous, uses Awagami's Inbe Thick and Thin washi to create a series of handbound accordion books that expand to create life-sized panoramic images. With a specific interest in printmaking's historic relationship to representation, this work gestures to humans' active role in constructing and idealizing landscape. The overlaid poems by Devon Wootten are appropriations from reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

                                         Nicole Pietrantoni
                  More images from Implications and Precipitous can be viewed at                                      www.nicole-pietrantoni.com

Artist of the works: Nicole Pietrantoni
URL: http://www.nicole-pietrantoni.com/
Printing paper: Inbe/Thin,Thick/Roll
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