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Mitsumata has smooth and elegant look with rich subtle gloss. In order to maximize the finesses of the fiber, the coating solution to apply is reduced the best possible. Mitsumata Double Layered is two layered paper with 100% of Mitsumata is used for the front and the pulp for back side. It can be peeled into two sheets after printing, and it is recommended to use for works of scroll paintings. It is also good to use for any art works and printing replicas.


Awagami Inkjet Paper for use

Mitsumata Double Layered

Mitsumata Double Layered

Mitsumata is also another main Washi fibers, which contains insect repellent material. Mitsumata has a smooth surface which contains fine fibers that give off a delicate luster. Mitsumata Double Layered is two layered paper which can be peeled into two sheets after printing. The material for the front side is made by Mitsumata and the back side is by wooden pulp. The thickness (weight 95g/m2) is indicated the condition of before it is peeled into two sheets. After it is peeled, it will be approximately1/3 of thickness.

  • 95g/m2
  • 0.18mm
  • Mitsumata(front side)、Pulp(back side)
  • Neutral
Commodity code Size Pieces  
IJ-0237 A3+
10 sheets
IJ-0234 A4
20 sheets
IJ-0235 Roll
1 roll