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Awagami Inkjet Paper
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Awagami Inkjet Paper

Washi used to be considered as papers which would not be best for digital output use. To overthrow the idea and respond the various demands from artists, designers and printers, Awagami Inkjet Paper are specially made and transformed for inkjet printer use, yet remaining the texture of existing washi.
It has special coating for the ink of inkjet printers from major printer manufactures, such as Epson and Canon.

Also, Awagami Inkjet Paper is made to be used by professionals who also might work on mixed media with digital print, such as woodblock and etching. This special paper is suitable for such works with mutiple medias as well.

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To purchase 'Unryu', 'Kozo' and 'Bizan', please contact resellers of Legion Paper MOAB.

Our inkjet paper is sold throughout the US, Canada and Europe under their Japanese inkjet paper brand, 'moenkopi'.
It is also available on their online store. Go to the page of 'moenkopi'

Awagami's Inkjet paper has been receiving excellent reviews from professional users.
- Product review by "Professional Photographer"
- Product review by "Great Output"
- Product review by "The Galeria" by Brian Ho

Acceptance Mark

A.I.J.P.(Awagami Inkjet Paper) Sample Pack Basic


A4 size / 1 sheet per each /Total 13 sheets

700 Yen

- Total 13 sheets
- Kozo Thin White & Natural
- Kozo Thick White & Natural
- Kozo Double Layered
- Inbe Thin White & Thick White & Extra Thick White
- Unryu Thin
- Bamboo Paper 170g
- Murakumo Kozo Select White & Natural

A.I.J.P.(Awagami Inkjet Paper) Sample Pack Pro


A4 size / 1sheet per each / 18 sheets of machine made papers / 2 sheets of hand made papers / Total 20 sheets

1,500 Yen


- Mithumata White Doulbe Layered
- Kozo Thin White & Natural
- Kozo Thick White & Natural
- Kozo Double Layered
- Inbe Thin White & Thick White & Extra Thick White
- Unryu Thin
- Bamboo Paper 170g & 250g & 220g
- Murakumo Kozo Select White & Natural
- Bizan Medium or Thick*
- Bizan White Medium or Thick*
- Premio Kozo White
- Premio Inbe
- Premio Unryu

* = Handmade paper

- The best washi for use with full color inkjet printers.
- Suitable for both aqueous and pigment inks.
- Maintains high quality for professional use.
- Created for clear, high resolution printings while still keeping the feel of washi.
- Maintains durability by utilizing Kozo, Mitsumata and Gampi as its main materials.
- Kozo, Mitsumata and Gampi are eco-friendly materials, for making non-wooden based papers.
- Archival papers which are superb for preservation.

Precaution for Use
- The only front side of the sheet should be used for printing.
(The back side is not for printing, except for 'INBE'.)
- Please do not rub the printed surface.
- Please read your printer's instruction manual before using washi in it.
- Some differences printing may occur depending on the printing.
- Unbleached parts may appear since natural materials, such as Kozo, Mitsumata and Gampi have been used.

Precaution for Storage
- Please keep the products away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
- Please store them in a dark place on flat surface. Also, please return unused paper to the package.
- To store a rolled paper, please stand it on end and do not apply any pressure on it.