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Papermaking Set

The Awagami+1 collections consist of journals, albums, and desk accessories which harmoniously fuse traditional japanese craftsmanship with elements of simplified western design.


7.4 x 10.5 cm (A7 size) 72 pages

text: natural color acid free paper
Open spine journal

10.5 x 15cm
80 pages
text: white color acid free paper

Pencil box

21 x 3.5 x 4.5 cm


9 x 14 cm / 96 pages
13 x 21.5 cm / 96 pages

text: 75gsm ecru writing paper
cover: Handprinted Yuzen or Syuro paper
lining and pocket: Shin Inbe paper
Photo Album

11.5 x 21 cm / 20 2-sided slip-in pages

25 x 34 cm / 25 pages

cover: Handprinted Yuzen or Syuro paper
lining and pocket: Shin Inbe paper

Memo Organizer

13.5 x 21 cm

text: (2) 72 sheets pads 75gsm ecru paper
6 pockets interior folder: 232 gsm ecru paper and 1 hand wrapped Yuzen or Syuro pencil cover.
cover: Handprinted Yuzen or Syuro paper
lining: Shin Inbe paper

The link for Les Decouvertes award at Maison & Objet.

Desk Tray

9.5 x 26 cm

notes: 300 sheets. 75gsm ecru paper.
exterior: Handprinted Yuzen or Syuro paper
lining: Shin Inbe paper
Pencil cup

7.7 x 11 cm

exterior: Handprinted Yuzen or Syuro paper
lining: Shin Inbe paper
Photo frame

17 x 22 cm (for 4"x6" photo)

front: Hand printed Yuzen or Syuro paper
lining, mat and reverse: Shin Inbe paper
easel back and 2 wall hooks attached plate glass included.
Pencil set

5 assorted Yuzen or Syuro paper covered pencils.
awagami+1 features 4 collections.


awagami+1 has selected 4 golden kamon emblems for use in our new 'kamon' stationery collection. we hope that these 4 kamon exhibit a universal and international appeal due to their sophisticated yet fairly simple aesthetic. 'timeless' is an adjective often associated with many kamon designs as it is a challenge to place them into any particular time period, category and/or era. awagami+1's 4 kamon may be a thousand years old...... but then again, they may have been created only yesterday.

yuzen spring:

"yuzen spring" items feature hand stencil-dyed yuzen papers for their covers. spring's zig-zagging pattern is called "sayagata" while the type of repeat is known as commonly known as "waritsuki". in japan, the sayagata pattern are quite often used for kimono design.

yuzen autumn:

"yuzen autumn" items also feature hand stencil-dyed yuzen papers for their covers this particular motif depicts a flowering plant and expresses the japanese peoples love and respect for nature and the 4 seasons.

syuro (rice straw):

"syuro" items are made with a straw-based paper originally developed as an awagami wall paper ("A-WALL"). syuro features a subtle and organic texture and is one of many of awagami factory's true eco-friendly papers.

Where to buy 'Awagami +1'

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

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Hiromi Paper International
Retailer and wholesaler of papers around the world. Their shop and the office is located in Santa Monica, CA and online shop is also available. They can ship items internationally.

Awagami Factory online store
Awagami's online store for customers in Japan and other regions except for the US and EU countries. (Please see 'where to shop' page for the store list for the US and EU countries.) We carry most of our products including papers and other stationeries.

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